East Bay Rose Society

Award Rose Exhibited By:
Best of Show

Kardinal (3 Red HTs)

Sue Mei
Queen of Show
Harshman Perpetual Trophy


Sue Mei
King of Show
Myers Perpetual Trophy
Gold Medal Jolene Adams
Princess of Show
Harbrecht Perpetual Trophy
Helen Naudé Sue Mei
     Court of Honor Crowd Pleaser Sue Mei
     Court of Honor Ultimate Pink Deane Coleman
     Court of Honor Asso di Cuori Sue Mei
     Court of Honor Signature Jolene Adams
     Court of Honor Magic Lantern Sue Mei
     Court of Honor Mikado Sue Mei
     Court of Honor Veteran's Honor Sue Mei
Miniature Queen
Martinez Perpetual Trophy
Kristin Sue Mei
Miniature King
Snooky Flowers Perpetual Trophy
Behold Mike Becker
Miniature Princess
McCrury Perpetual Trophy
Incognito Sue Mei
     Miniature Court of Honor Glowing Amber Sue Mei
     Miniature Court of Honor


Mike Becker
     Miniature Court of Honor

Sweet Caroline

Sue Mei
     Miniature Court of Honor


Jolene Adams
     Miniature Court of Honor

Luis Desamero

Sue Mei
     Miniature Court of Honor

Hot Tamale

Mike Becker
     Miniature Court of Honor


Sue Mei
Dowager Queen
Malcolm Perpetual Trophy
Felicité Parmentier Christina Sheward
Victorian Award
Martinez Perpetual Trophy
Rose de Rescht Gregg Cook
Best Hybrid Tea Spray Heirloom Laura Huerta
Best Fully Open Large Rose Chicago Peace Laura Huerta
Fully Open Mini Jennifer Jolene Adams
Best Floribunda - One Bloom/Stem
Ham Keeper Trophy
Sheila's Perfume Gregg Cook
Best Floribunda Spray
Lisherness Perpetual Trophy
Sweet Vivian Sharon McColgan
Best Single Floribunda Spray Betty Boop Jolene Adams
Best Polyantha Spray Phyllis Bide Carolyn Sanders
Best Miniature Spray
Oberlies Perpetual Trophy
Irresistible Sharon McColgan
Best Single Miniature Single's Better Jolene Adams
Best Climber
Curtis McCrury Perpetual Trophy
Altissimo Gregg Cook
Best Classic Shrub no award  
Best Modern Shrub
Lisherness Memorial Trophy
Belle Story Barbara Wilson
Best non-Austin Modern Shrub

Outta the Blue

Jolene Adams
Best Judge's Entry
EBRS Keeper Trophy
Priscilla Burton Gail Trimble
Best Novice Entry
Novice Silver Bowl
Joyfulness Jeanne Haynes
Large English Box
Hughes Perpetual Trophy
Charlotte, Kardinal, Asso di Cuori, Vendela
Sue Mei
3 Stages of the Rose
Newton Perpetual Trophy
Ingrid Bergman Barbara Wilson
Large Rose in a Bowl
EBRS Perpetual Trophy
Crowd Pleaser Sue Mei
Miniature Rose in a Bowl
Cayere Perpetual Trophy
Behold Sue Mei
Miniature Palette of Roses

Miss Flippins, Ruby Baby, Hot Tamale, Winsome, Fairhope

Mike Becker
Pride of Oakland Spray
Pezzatti Perpetual Trophy
Pride of Oakland Gregg Cook
AARS Vintage Rose
EBRS Perpetual Trophy
Mohave Helen Moyat
3 Stems Just Joey
Salter Perpetual Trophy
Just Joey Sharon McColgan
Mixed Threesome
Leloy Memorial Trophy
Gold Metal, Margaret Merril, Prospero Peter Cook
Trailing Rose Gartendirektor Otto Linne Sharon McColgan
Most Fragrant Rose
Spencer Keeper Trophy
Ambridge Rose Barbara Wilson
Old Garden Rose Bouquet Comte de Chambord, Eugene de Beauharnais, Felicité Parmentier, Petite de Hollande, Autumn Damask Carolyn Sanders
5 Old Garden Roses Comte de Nanteuil Martine Ham
Miniature Rose Bouquet
McColgan Perpetual Trophy

X-Rated, Hot Tamale

Mike Becker
3 Stems HT
Salles Perpetual Trophy
Perfect Moment Snooky Flowers
3-Stem Floribunda Spray
Andrus Perpetual Trophy
Gruss an Aachen Jolene Adams
5 Miniatures, Same Color
Grogan Perpetual Trophy

Hot Tamale

Mike Becker
3 Red Hybrid Teas
Shiraki Perpetual Trophy
Kardinal Sue Mei
Modern Shrub, 3 stems Sally Holmes Sharon McColgan
Best Potted Miniature Rose Anytime Mary Scott


Award Rose(s)/Class Title & Style Exhibited By:
ARS Gold Medal
ARS Oriental Rosette
Wooley Trophy (best arranger-grown)
Leloy Trophy (best large arrangement)

Perfect Moment
"Roses With Noah"      Oriental-Manner

Terry Toomey
ARS Silver Medal
ARS Duchess Award

Opening Night
"The American Frontier"      Fresh Roses with Dried Materials

Eileen Chun
ARS Bronze Medal Perfect Moment
"Dally With Dali"      Abstract
Terry Toomey
ARS Royalty Award Gold Medal
"Olympic Roses"      Vertical Line / Line-Mass
Eilene Chun
ARS Princess Award

"At Malmaison"     Roses with Rose Foliage only

Terry Toomey
ARS Mini Gold Medal
ARS Mini Royalty Award
Mabelle Edwards Trophy (best small)
Rainbow's End, Lavendar Sunblaze
"Birthday Party"      Line / Line Mass, 8 inches or less
Lila Schwartz
ARS Mini Silver Medal
ARS Mini Oriental Rosette
Kiss 'n' Tell
"Imperial Japan"     Oriental-Manner, 5 inches or less
Eilene Chun


Revised: 5/06/02

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