East Bay Rose Society



Exhibited by:
Queen of Show (Harshman Trophy) American Honor Sue Mei
King of Show (Myers Trophy) Silverado Sue Mei
Princess of Show (Harbrecht Trophy) Shining Hour Sue Mei
Miniature Queen (Martinez Trophy) Luis Desamero Sue Mei
Miniature King (Flowers Trophy) Incognito Sue Mei
Miniature Princess (McCrury Trophy) Fairhope Jolene Adams
Dowager Queen (Malcolm Trophy) Sombreuil Gregg Cook
Victorian Rose (Martinez Trophy) Rose de Rescht Gregg Cook
Genesis Award (ARS Certificate) R. multiflora Jolene Adams
Best Judges Entry Irresistible Dena Wagner
Best Modern Shrub (ARS Certificate) Prospero Christina Sheward
Best Modern, not Austin (Grogan Trophy) Sally Holmes Jolene Adams
Best Austin Shrub (Lisherness Trophy) Graham Thomas Gregg Cook
Best Single Miniature My Sunshine Christina Sheward
Best Seedling (Queen Elizabeth x Chablis) Curtis McCrury
Rose Bowl - Miniature (Cayere Trophy) Incognito Jolene Adams
Rose Bowl - HT (EBRS Trophy) Givenchy Sharon McColgan
Best Open Bloom - HT Stainless Steel Sue Mei
Best Open Bloom - Miniature Antique Tapestry Jolene Adams
Best HT Spray White Delight Sue Mei
Best Grandiflora Spray (McKenney Trophy) White Lightnin' Susan Hill
Best Miniature Spray (Oberlies Trophy) Pink Bells Christina Sheward
Best Floribunda Spray (Lisherness Trophy) French Lace Sharon McColgan
Best Floribunda - 1 Bloom/Stem (Hendrix Trophy) Playgirl Mary Lou Grogan
Best 3-Stem Floribunda Spray (Andrus Trophy) First Edition Merle Andrus
5 Hybrid Teas (Judges Trophy) Prima Donna, Olympiad, Honor, Celebrity, Color Magic Sharon McColgan
12 Hybrid Teas (Vienop Trophy) Susan Hill
5 Hybrid Teas - same color (Morrill Trophy) Kardinal Sue Mei
3 Red HT (Shiraki Trophy) Olympiad Sharon McColgan
Rose of British Empire (Covell Trophy) Olympiad Gregg Cook
English Box - Large (Hughes Trophy) Elizabeth Taylor, Sheer Elegance, Peter Frankenfeld, Double Delight John & Barbara Hendrix
3 Light Pink HT (John Paul Edwards Trophy) Classic Touch Sue Mei
Best Climber (McCrury Trophy) Altissimo Barbara Wilson
Best Yellow HT (Treder Trophy) Graceland Sue Mei
3 Stages of the Rose (Newton Trophy) Olympiad Sharon McColgan
Most Fragrant Rose Mister Lincoln Carolyn Sanders
Pair of Queens (McColgan Trophy) Spring Break, John F. Kennedy Sue Mei
Mixed Threesome (Leloy Trophy) Comanche, Sunsilk,Sheer Elegance John & Barbara Hendrix
Best 3 Stems (HT) (Salles Trophy) Pascali Merle Andrus
5 OGRs Enfant de France Carolyn Sanders
Best Pride of Oakland (Pezzatti Trophy) Pride of Oakland Merle Andrus
Five Miniature Roses (Grogan Trophy) Minnie Pearl Jolene Adams
Best Novice "Hurdy Gurdy" Susan Hill
Oriental Rosette "Color & Water" Gregg Cook
Best Arranger-Grown Arrangement "Majorette" Ruby Cayere
Best Large Arrangement "Hodge Podge" Gregg Cook
Best Small Arrangement "A Bit of Color" Gregg Cook


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